Top 10 Best Brands for Comfortable Dress Shoes for Women

Are you a professional woman looking for comfortable and stylish dress shoes? Check out these top 10 brands for comfort.

Because wearing high heels on a daily basis takes a severe toll on your feet, knees, hips, and back over time, it is critical for professional women to be able to find dress shoes that are both comfortable and stylish.

Here are the best brands for comfortable dress shoes:

Sam Edelman

My Sam Edelman flats are the most comfortable flats I own. They are made of baby soft leather and come in a huge selection of colors. Usually, even the most comfortable flats will rub my feet in unexpected places after a while, but I can wear these dressy shoes every day of the week. The only complaint I have is that the lighter-colored leather shoes (like the tan color) can wear down over time and look scuffed up. You can bring them to a shoe repair shop and get the color re-done for $15. Or just get a darker color if you tend to wear out your shoes quickly.

Cole Haan

Though their prices tend to run upwards of $100, Cole Haan has a solid reputation for making high-quality, comfortable dress shoes for both men and women. Their women's shoes range from elegant pumps and sporty slip-ons to stylish leather flats with Nike Air cushioning. Unlike other shoemakers, who seem to let their focus on comfort overshadow any attempt at style, Cole Haan shoes are classy and chic while staying easy on the foot. These are a worthwhile investment.

Anne Klein

I will be the first to admit that I was surprised at how comfortable Anne Klein dress shoes can be, especially the "iFlex" series, which is created with thinner, softer leather and extra padding. The shoes are literally more flexible than the stiff leather you normally find in dress shoes, so they don't rub your feet and leave blisters after a day of wear. What I love the most is that these shoes actually look very classy and fashionable (pointy toes, heels, and all) while staying remarkably comfortable.


These sturdy but comfortable dress shoes are worn by most medical professionals, who tend to to be on their feet all day. If you visit any hospital, you will likely see most of the doctors and nurses sporting Danskos in a variety of colors and designs. The clogs and mary janes, known for their foot support, are especially popular and known to last for years.


You can tell the difference the minute you slip on Borns that they are completely focused on comfort and construction. Though the designs are mostly on the casual side, the thick cushioning built into each shoe is incomparable. It's like having little pillows sewn into the soles. Women who spend a lot of time on their feet will appreciate these comfortable dress shoes. Keep in mind, though, that the solid construction and cushioning built into each shoe means that Borns tend to be a little bulkier than the average shoe.


Clarks has been a long-time favorite American brand for comfortable women's shoes. You will probably encounter Clarks at any shoe store, department store, or mall you visit. The selection is huge compared to other comfort shoe brands, and the prices are reasonable.

Tory Burch

These are stylish, comfortable flats with padded insoles that look good with jeans or dresses. When you buy Tory Burch, you are getting expensive, high-quality shoes that look like expensive, high-quality shoes.


Yes, that is spelled correctly. Sofft shoes are heavily padded, so they tend to be a little thicker than the average shoe, though they do offer some chic designs. This is probably not the right brand for a 20-something woman, but if you prize comfort over all else and still want to wear heels, Sofft are worth checking out.


Everyone knows this brand. In my opinion, Aerosoles tend to be hit-or-miss. They are very well-known for reasonably attractive and comfortable dress shoes, but in recent years their designs have slipped a bit. With so much competition from other shoemakers focused on comfort, Aerosoles sometimes struggles to find a good balance between style and comfort. Still, the company offers enough selection that you will occasionally come across some great finds, and the prices are almost always reasonable.


LifeStride shoes remind me of Aerosoles; they sometimes struggle to find a balance between comfort and style, often veering too far to one side of the spectrum. While some of their pumps and heels can look bland and outdated, others will strike you instantly as cute and comfortable. The good news is that they churn out new designs fairly frequently, so every time you check back, there will likely be new comfortable dress shoes available. LifeStride prices also tend to be very reasonable.


Naturalizer has a loyal following because their designs are generally more stylish than other comfortable dress shoe brands. Though they don't have as much cushioning as some other labels, Naturalizer offers a wider selection of modern, feminine dress shoes that appeals to a larger age bracket.

Me Too

A relative newcomer to the comfortable dress shoe crowd, Me Too targets a younger audience of women. Me Too shoes are cuter and more fashionable than the traditional brands, featuring a wide variety of casual and dress flats that reflect the latest colors and styles at very reasonable prices.

Stuart Weitzman

One of the best designer brands for comfortable dress shoes is Stuart Weitzman . The collection includes bold, fashionable heels, flats, loafers, and mules that most designer brands cannot match in comfort. Of course, you'll also pay a premium for this style, usually upwards of $250, though Amazon often has sales on their comfortable dress shoes for under $100.


If you go to a specialty walking shoe store, you will probably find Munro pumps, which tend to be wider than normal dress shoes and offer solid arch support for your feet. They are not inexpensive, but they do tend to have better designs than other brands with similar foot support.


Ecco shoes are most similar to Born in their focus on construction and cushioning. Like Born, Eccos also tend to be built bulkier than other brands. The company is actually more well-known for their casual and athletic shoes, but they also make a good selection of comfortable dress shoes.

Taryn Rose

Another designer brand known for comfort with a large fan following is Taryn Rose . The line was launched by an orthopedic surgeon, so the shoes are built with high tech cushioning for fit and flexibility. However, these stylish and comfortable dress shoes also cost as much as other designer shoes like Stuart Weitzman.


I would not describe Merrell as stylish or formal women's dress shoes, but they are practical, comfortable, and affordable. Their shoes range from hiking boots to athletic shoes to casual flats and pumps, which can be worn in many workplaces.

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies makes a few stylish boots, loafers, and sandals, but for the most part, they are selling comfortable womens' shoes, not stylish dress shoes. If that sounds good to you, you will also appreciate their reasonable prices.


Caparros are mainly known for dressy evening sandals that are perfect for special occasions and weddings. The prices are reasonable and they have a variety of low and high heels.


Trotters can't decide whether they should focus on looks or comfort, so they try to do both and only succeed 20% of the time. Though Trotters makes reasonably priced and relatively comfortable women's shoes, these will not be your most comfortable shoes or your most stylish shoes.

Kenneth Cole

For some reason, Kenneth Cole shoes always seem to be on sale. The original prices are always designer prices, but these shoes get distributed by so many retailers that there seem to be a lot of discounts that bring the prices down to non-designer prices.


Rockport is not just a high quality men's brand. They also make beautiful and comfortable leather pumps for women . If you need a reliable pair of heels, loafers, or flats, don't dismiss Rockport as your father's brand.

Shoe Pads

If you've found a pair of shoes that you love but are worried about how comfortable they will be, remember that there are a number of foot and toe cushions you can use to protect your feet. Thin padding like ball-of-foot cushions and gel toe protectors are very popular among women who wear heels all day. If you suffer from foot pain and aches, it might help to try toe separators that stretch out your foot and toe muscles for a few minutes each day.