Review of Womens Reebok Trail CrossBack Running Shoes

When I picked up my pair of Reebok Trail Crossback running shoes from the Royal Sporting House, one thing immediately came to mind: These aren't trainers, these are the real deal.

When I picked up my pair of Reebok Trail Crossback running shoes from the Royal Sporting House, one thing immediately came to mind: These aren't trainers, these are the real deal. What I meant by that was that the Crossbacks are meant for the real runner, the one who has already trained, the one who is already capable of powering through the toughest trails.

Luckily, I'm a pretty adequate runner. I used to run long distances back in college, so I wasn't daunted by the task of reviewing and running with these babies. Unluckily, the last time I really ran was in college, and so I'm not as strong as I used to be; the temporal distance between how I physically was in college and howl am now is great. Moreover, I've already gotten used to running in my dinky-ass trainers whenever I get the chance to actually run. There goes my confidence, I thought to myself, as I was fitting the Crossbacks in the store. But I'm still a runner at heart, and runners don't give up. So to hell with my insecurities; let's power through this review.

The Reebok Trail Crossbacks mean business. My pair was in Havana Red and Medium Grey, which I just loved. From its leather trimmings to its concrete-pounding outsoles-it screams support and durability. This is great, really, since I mildly overpronate and have a medium arch in my feet.

See, the Crossbacks are essentially trail running shoes. More accurately, they were made to provide motion control and stability. This means that they are perfect for people who have low to medium arches in their feet, and who mildly to severely overpronate. In other words, they are the perfect match for my feet and gait type.

As trail shoes, I expected my pair of Crossbacks to provide at least superior traction and support. I also expected them to be almost water-resistant and dirt-proof. On both counts, the Crossbacks delivered. It had just rained on the night I first took my shoes for a run, see, so the ground had turned slippery. More than that, the rockier-slash-grassier parts of my route had turned muddy. But the Crossbacks shrugged off any muck that the ground had thrown at it that night and they still look pretty now. More importantly, though, the Crossbacks prevented me from slipping during my run, and their stiffer exterior kept me right on track. My still-happy and still- healthy feet and ankles are proof of that.

As motion control shoes, I expected stronger support to counter my mild overpronation. More precisely, I expected stronger medial and lateral support. Unsurprisingly, the Crossbacks did well. I mean, when I first held them in my hands, I thought they were strong. But when I finally ran it them, I was sure-all thanks to the Crossbacks' generous rubber outsole and midfoot webbing. As stability shoes, I expected good midsole cushioning. Again, even before running in them and just by looking at them, I knew the Crossbacks would deliver. And deliver they did. Their DMX Foam made stomping the stress away on a run so much more comfortable for me, that I actually ran another extra lap.

At this point, let's cool down a bit and review what has been said about the Reebok Trail Crossback running shoes. Did it deliver superior traction and support? Check. Was it water-resistant and dirt-proof? Check. Did it counter overpronation? Check. Did it provide good midsole cushioning? Check.

Really, it's quite difficult for me to isolate a flaw in the Crossbacks without being unfair. I say this because the only flaw I could point out would be how heavy the pair is. But then again, that's because I've grown weaker over the years. Also, as I said at the beginning of this review, the Crossbacks were made for real runners, those who don't resort to dinky-ass trainers whenever they need to run.

At the same time, though, this flaw has an upside. It certainly did give me a proper workout, and it encouraged me to reach the point where I can say, "I'm a real runner" and not "I'm a runner-in-training." In other words, the Reebok Trail Crossbacks pushed me to power through. And, thankfully, they had no trouble keeping up with me.