Womens Ed Hardy Shoes Highrise and Lowrise

Women's Ed Hardy Shoes - also called "Ed Hardy Chucks" are some of the hottest selling shoes for women in the latter part of 2019 - will the trend continue into 2019 and beyond?

If you're at all hooked into the fashion world these days, you've very likely heard about Women's Ed Hardy Shoes. The hottest sellers in 2019 are the Highrise Ed Hardy Women's Shoes and the Ed Hardy Women's Low Rise, which are dubbed "Ed Hardy Chucks" because of the fact that their structure is quite similar to Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Top and Lo Top shoes.

This type of canvas sneaker has been around for some time - so why all the noise about Women's Ed Hardy Shoes? Well, when you see them, you will understand. In fact with your first look your eyes may widen and your mouth may gape - they're actually fantastic!

Rock fashion designer Christian Audigier teamed up with world famous tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy to create what is currently one of the hottest fashion trends in history - the Ed Hardy line of clothing and footwear. The structural designs of the clothing and footwear are simple, while the rich brilliant colors and sharp designs are so eye catching you can't help but adore them.

Women's Ed Hardy Shoes (Highrise and Low Rise) are a perfect example of the "simple plus outrageous" combination - these simple sneakers are anything but simple looking and are at least an interesting addition to any woman's casual wardrobe.

The Designs:Women's Ed Hardy Shoes are available in various print styles any of which include a brilliantly tattood look with contrasting colors to get them noticed anywhere. The most famous of the designs include the themes "Love Kills Slowly" and "Death and Glory" - complete with skulls, hearts, colors and ribbons winding throughout.

Highrise Ed Hardy Women's Shoes Styles: Styles available for the Highrise Ed Hardy Women's Shoes include "no laces" (fitting snugly enough to wear without laces), "with laces" and leather which has a flash of inner lining "peeking" from the upper to set them off. All of these styles are available in various colors and designs, providing a great selection just in the Highrise lineup.

Ed Hardy Women's Low Rise Styles: The Low Rise is also available in a few styles - all of them without laces for an easy slip-on and slip off comfortable fit. The styles include "Glitter Cage" - a new hot-seller that has a layer of fish net on the outside and have a "glitter" look about them, with an underlying tattoo design. Other Ed Hardy Women's Low Rise styles are the canvas Low Rise (available in various colors and designs) as well as a corduroy Low Rise that has a bit of a softer look and feel.