How to Find the Best Shoes for a Pear Shaped Body

Finding shoes that work with your shape isn't a problem women of every body type must cope with. Pear shapes must work toward finding footwear that works for their figures, creating balance and proportion every time.

Finding shoes that work with your shape isn't a problem women of every body type must cope with. However, pear shaped women must balance those lower body curves with a smaller upper body without appearing to have shorter legs (a common complaint) or wider hips. Sounds simple, but the truth is that we actually have to look a bit harder for footwear that flatters. The good news is that some variation of every style can look great on you, as long as a few general "rules" are kept in mind during your shoe shopping excursions. To find the best shoes for your pear shaped body, read on for tips and suggestions.

Best Flats for Pear Shaped Women: They're popular, they're cute, they're sensible, and they're absolutely everywhere. What woman wouldn't want to take advantage of a fashion trend that's actually comfortable and logical for a busy lifestyle? These things don't come along all too often, but the trouble for pear shaped women is the fact that they are always advised to wear a heel (and a high one, at that). While the fact that heels are most flattering still remains true when compared to traditional flats, that rule was made to apply to the predominantly seen round toe style that most flats offer. The solution for a curvy girl? Slide on a pair of pointy-toed flats with a bit of detail at the toe. The longer end of the shoe gives much more balance than a round-toed flat, and a bit of hardware on the toes draws the attention to the end of the feet as opposed to the top of the ankle. Problem solved.

Best Boots for Pear Shaped Women: When it comes to boots, the rule here is to never wear anything that visually cuts the leg's length. More important than the height of the heel is the cut of the upper fabric or leather. In general, stick to thigh-high or knee-high boots that end at one of the body's natural transitional points, rather than mid-calf or ankle styles that create the illusion of an unnatural division. Again, stay away from round-toed styles here, as well.

Best Pumps for Pear Shaped Women: Traditional shoe rules for pear shaped women apply most strongly when it comes to wearing pumps. A higher heel is best because the look of the shoe naturally speaks of elegance and professionalism. Lower heeled pumps are most likely to cause that dreaded "stumpy" look that all pear shaped women avoid like the plague. However, wearing a peep toe style can counteract that problem and allow for a lower heel to be worn without sacrificing a well proportioned figure. Because the open end gives the body a less defined cutoff point, peep toe pumps help give the illusion of longer legs. If you prefer to wear lower heeled pumps, keep the toes free and open.

Best Sandals for Pear Shaped Women: Many women make the mistake of thinking that sandals are instantly flattering for pear shapes when they come with higher heels (as they often do). However, they also often come with thick ankle straps and details that give the illusion of that aforementioned unnatural cutoff point on the leg, making legs look shorter and hips look wider. Keep ankle straps thin and elegant, or forgo them altogether for a slingback style. Bonus Tip: Select sandals with details at the toe to bring the eye downward and make legs look as long as they possibly can.

Remember, wearing shoes that bring the attention as low on the leg as possible is generally a foolproof trick for making pear shaped figures appear instantly better proportioned. On that note, anything that creates an unnatural line in between the hips and ankles is bound to cause problems. Use length, hardware, and pointy-toed styles to your advantage, and you won't go wrong.