Shoes for Pregnant Women The Most Fun Fashionable amp Comfortable Shoes

Several lines of shoes for pregnant women that combine comfort with style, price and availability.

During pregnancy women encounter all kinds of decisions from what color to paint the nursery to what name to choose for their child. These are the fun decisions and I believe shoes should be included in that category as well. During pregnancy a woman may experience swollen legs and feet, backaches and muscle pains from the added weight and stress on her body. The type of shoe she chooses can either make matters worse or help alleviate the problem.

Usually low heels or flats are the most comfortable for pregnant women. Heels are not going to necessarily hurt your baby but because you are likely to be unbalanced or awkward with the added weight, you could fall and sprain or break an ankle. If you are going to wear heels, usually no more than 1 or 2 inches in height with a wide heel base is the safest choice.

Both Naturalizer and Aerosloes have both comfortable and fashionable shoes for business, dress and casual wear. They both have many choices in style, color and price. Remember that most pregnant women will unfortunately have to deal with swelling and may actually wear up to one shoe size larger by the end of their pregnancy than before they became pregnant. It is a good idea to take a trip to the store so that you can have your foot measured and try on the shoes before purchasing them to confirm the size that fits you best.

Aerosoles are comfortable and stylish yet affordable. They are known for their comfortable heels and flexible soles which make them a good choice for swollen and tired feet. Generally there are new styles to choose from for each season which makes this line great no matter what time of year you are pregnant - - you can stay in fashion and comfortable at the very same time. I did like the soft leather shoes the best because they seemed to wrap my feet in a comfortable, old blanket.

Of course I could not do without my Birkenstocks before I was pregnant much less while I was pregnant. I purchased an additional pair ½ size larger during pregnancy and wore them more than any other shoe I had during my pregnancy. There are hundreds of styles to choose from so I know that you can find a style that will suit you and believe me your feet will definitely appreciate you for making this purchase.

I would not have gone a day without my running shoes either. The ASICS Women's GEL-1120 Running Shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have found for running. I admit I did have to order a pair in a larger size and width during my pregnancy but the comfort they provided was worth it. On days that I knew I would be doing a lot of walking, these shoes saved my feet (and my poor husband's hands from rubbing them).

No matter what shoe you choose, make sure that you are fitted for the correct size and width as this may change during the months of your pregnancy. Also remember that you don't have to give up style just to be comfortable - - there are many stylish shoes available that are both comfortable and affordable.