Best Looking Water Shoes for Women

Looking for footwear that will take you to the waterpark, the beach and beyond? You may be shocked at just how ugly water shoes have become since jellies were all the rage. Luckily, this guide will steer your toes in a prettier direction.

You may have fantasies about your beach vacation, and how cute you're going to look snorkeling, kayaking or otherwise enjoying the surf. You may even have an adorable bathing suit picked out and a pedicure planned. If so, you'll probably recoil in horror at the monstrosities that pass for water shoes these days. Chances are, your pretty pedicure will recoil as well. Is there any way to be both comfortable and cute when braving the elements?

Thankfully, the answer is a qualified yes. You won't find anything dainty here, but there are a number of women's water shoes that won't make you look chunky, androgenous, or like an alien from outer space. Here is a list of the best looking water shoes for women this year:

Salomon Women's Amphibia. Cute like a pair of colorful keds, with a lightweight mesh and internal straps for a customized fit, these are the best looking water shoes for women to be found. Supportive as an athletic shoe, but cool as a sandal, these shoes perform well in the water or on dry land, and get a special nod for being fashion forward in a variety of neutral to bold colors. (Orange Paradise is especially cute.)

Columbia Women's Aquatooth. These good looking water shoes for women are reminiscent of a high performance athletic shoe, but with a quick drying mesh and superior traction. The eye-catching colors and sporty curves are on the girlie side, however, and that makes them one of the best looking water shoes for women this year.

Keen's Women's Newport H2 Sandal. These water shoes for women won't get you down the red carpet, but they're decidedly feminine in a universe of masculine shoes. Keen's Women's Newport H2 Sandals come in an array of stylish colors, and they get high marks from just about everyone who wears them. The toe cap keeps your feet protected from underwater rocks, sharp obstructions and curmudgeonly crabs. A slightly more feminine version of the same shoe is the Keen Venice H2 water shoe for women, where the straps are gathered for more of a sandal-like appearance.

Crocs Mary Janes. There's something about the Mary Jane style that helps soften the look of this water shoe for women, and turns even a Croc into something almost stylish. Not only do Crocs get high marks from doctors, nurses, and other professionals who have to spend all day on their feet--they're also waterproof. Best of all, they come in such a wide array of colors that you could match or complement your beachware to make a complete coordinated outfit. Best of all, at only $30 a pair, they may be the most economical choice on the list.

Skechers Cali Women's Calies Mary Jane. Similar shoes, in the same basic style as Crocs, Skecher's Callies have a much more feminine shape. They're priced similarly to the Croc water shoes and have a wide range of summer colors to choose from. They also look as if they're more likely to stay on the foot if you step in wet muck.

Ecco Performance Footware Zuni. While these water shoes for women don't cover the toes, they boast of being fully operational for total aquatic useage. They have a sturdy sole, and look more like actual sandals than the other selections this season.

J41-Rebirth Mesh. This water shoe for women is a Mary Jane and could even be called cute. It's Jeep Engineered and trail rated with a contoured removable insole. The drawback? Users report that the shoe gives them less traction in the water than would normally be expected out of a water shoe. However, if you're not a serious water athlete, these still might be worth a look.

Quark Hampton. These are fully functional water shoes for women with a sandal sensibility. According to the manufacturer, these women's water shoes drain once you step onto dry land. They're amphibious, offering support wet or dry. They look best in red.

If you can't find something on this list to ease your fashion conscience, you'd better stay out of the water this year, because unless you opt for crunchy sandals or space slippers, these are the best looking water shoes on the market today!