Ryka Shoes Are Made Especially for Women

This article reviews Ryka shoes.

Although there are those who believe differently, the reality of it is that men and women have some major inherent differences. Women, on the whole, tend to be smaller in overall size, softer, and less muscular than our male counterparts. Why, then, would anyone believe that women's feet could - - or should - - be fitted for shoes the same way as that of a man?

Men's shoes, as a rule, measure the same width in the front and back. There may be a slight narrowing toward the heel, however, if you turn over a man's shoe you will note that the change isn't significant. Of course there are always some exceptions. All men don't have the same foot either. Still, overall the shoes that are designed specifically for men work well for the majority of that sex.

Most shoe manufacturer's claim that their shoes are made for both sexes. However, that isn't really the case. They say that a woman can wear any man's shoe by merely subtracting one and one-half from the numeric size. For example, a woman who traditionally wears a size eight woman's shoe should be able to wear a man's size six and a half. They are wrong!

Women's feet are different from men's. We tend to need more width through the toe box of our shoe and a much narrower, well-wrapped heel. A lot of women also have higher arches then men. With all of those differences, it begs the question: How can women wear a man's shoe comfortably? The answer is, they can't!

Luckily, lots of shoe manufacturers do realize the difference between women's and men's feet and make their shoes accordingly. However, no manufacturer pays as close attention to the difference in women's shoes as does Ryka.

Ryka began manufacturing shoes twenty years ago in 1987. At the time, they had one simple goal in mind; to manufacture athletic shoes that properly fit a woman's foot.

Ryka's mission as stated on their web site was "to become the active woman's athletic footwear of choice by understanding her fitness needs, and by providing exceptional products." They far exceeded their original expectations and remain the only shoe brand on the market today exclusively committed to the comfort and health of a woman's foot.

Ryka shoes are not made on the same kind of traditional last used by other shoe manufacturers. Their shoes are fitted on a woman's last, keeping in mind that women are wider in the forefoot and much narrower in the heel. Because their shoes are made exclusively to fit a woman's foot, most of them can be worn comfortably right out of the box, without any lengthy "break-in" times or issues.

Ryka makes several different types of shoes, including running, walking, studio, cross training and aqua footwear.

Running shoes are made to be light in weight and breathable. They provide maximum flexibility and balance. Cushioning and arch support are also a major focus for the high performance runner. Stability is yet another major concern in their running shoe, as is shock absorption, strike, and a smooth transition from heel to toe.

Aqua shoes are specifically designed with the water runner in mind. The perforated sock liner and out sole lets water exit the shoe easily while the cushion support offers the comfort required for amphibious running. Some models of these shoes even provide a heel strap with a buckle closing system for adjustable support. These runners also offer the easy and comfortable rebound necessary for water-based exercises.

Cross trainers offer a mixture of everything needed for multiple sports activities whether they are conducted inside or out. Superior cushioning, stability, support, and rebound are of major import in cross trainers and Ryka delivers those aspects along with durability and ease of cleaning.

Walking shoes get the same attention from Ryka. Cushioning is of utmost concern in a walker, as is arch support and comfort. Ryka's walking shoes are lightweight and breathable while providing maximum flexibility and shock absorption. Durability is key in this type of shoe, as is ease of wear.

Ryka even makes a studio shoe especially with the athletic instructor in mind. It offers the maximum amount of cushioning, total foot shock absorption, and stability required in that occupation.

I recently ordered my first pair of Rykas; a pair of their "comfort clogs" for summer. I couldn't believe how comfortable they were when I first put them on. They required no break-in time and continue to amaze me with their comfort no matter what I'm doing. I also like that I can slip them on and off in the blink of an eye and be out the door in no time at all.

Like most of Ryka's wonderful shoes mine came in several different colors. I chose the turquoise, which is absolutely lovely.

Ryka shoes are very easy to care for and simple to clean. I love them and can't wait to purchase more. This shoe is a definite winner - - five stars all the way!