Fun Meets Function How to Choose Stylish and Practical Shoes for Running Errands

Here are a few tips to help style-conscious women choose shoes that are both fashionable and functional for running errands.

When faced with running mundane errands such as grocery shopping and dry cleaning, every fashion-conscious woman is also faced with a choice: stylish shoes or practical shoes? Often, fun versus function is a shoe choice that seems black and white--either constant pain while you look great hobbling from store to store, or fashion humiliation as you plod around in something practical. After all, the words "practical" and "functional" aren't exactly synonymous with "fun" and "stylish."

But what if things didn't have to be so black and white when it comes to stylish versus practical shoes for running errands? It turns out that there is a gray area with shoes, where fashion meets function, so you don't need to decide between the two when you're going to be on your feet. Here are a few ideas to help fashionistas everywhere choose fun, functional, stylish shoes that don't destroy their feet while running errands.

Embrace platform shoes when faced with a day of running errands

Platform shoes are back in style for the spring 2019 fashion season, and that's terrific news for fashionistas with errands to run. A platform cushions the ball of the foot and eases the grade of the heel, making errand-running (and other ambulatory activities) a lot less painful. So if you choose a shoe with a platform, you can still wear a high heel running errands; a platform turns a heel into a functional--but still classically stylish--shoe.

Flats can be both practical and chic for running errands

While platforms are the big fashion trend for spring 2019 style, flats are still chic and stylish when worn the right way. And honestly, there isn't a more practical, comfortable shoe for running errands than a flat. The key to looking stylish in flats is choosing the right pair. For example, this season, designers have come out with platform flats, so you can still look stylish and on-trend without wearing sky-high heels. Plus, there are many flat shoes with stylish prints and embellishments that will add a stylish touch to a practical, errand-running ensemble.

Wedges are an excellent compromise between heels and flats--both functional and stylish

When you're faced with spending a day on your feet, running from mundane store to mundane store, a wedge shoe is a perfect compromise between a heel and a flat. Wedges come in all heights (from two inches to five) and provide more support than a traditional chunky or stiletto heel. Plus, wedges come in all kinds of styles--from traditional espadrilles to funky cutouts. So, an easy way to achieve the balance between style and function with your shoe choice is to slip into a pair of wedges when you head off on your errands.

So, there are a few guidelines for mixing fashion and function when it comes to wearing shoes. Running errands is never fun, but the good news is that you don't have to sacrifice style just to feel comfortable in your shoes all day. The grocery store may not be exciting, but if you can slip into a funky wedge or a platform flat, maybe it won't seem so bad. After all, you'll look stylish and feel great, and that makes even the most mundane task seem like just a little bit more fun.