Four Womens Shoe Styles Ideal for the Office

Choosing functional, yet stylish shoes for the office.

Choosing the right women's shoes to wear at the office can be tricky. You want your shoes to be stylish and complement your clothing. However, you do not want to wear a shoe that will affect your balance or worse, cause you foot, leg, or back pain. There are four shoe styles that will help you be stylish at the office and remain comfortable throughout the workday.

The Loafer

The loafer is an office shoe staple for men. It can also be one for women. Most loafers have a low heel and many come in fashionable colors and textures like metallic bronze and croc skin. The low heel of the typical loafer helps you maintain balance by not forcing your body to align itself in an awkward manner, like high heels do. Plus, your arches will thank you for not putting a strain on them. Because of this, you may want to avoid wearing a loafer with a heel greater than one inch in height.

Dress Flats

Dress flats are pumps or sandals that have no heel or a heel no greater than one-half inch. This style of shoe comes in many variations. One variation that has remained in style for a few seasons are ballerina flats made popular again by fashion designers like Tory Burch. Like most loafers, dress flats do not alter the body's alignment, so little strain is placed on the legs and back. Avoid flats that look like bedroom slippers, swim/shower shoes, and those with a hard, plastic look to them.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels, or low heels, are back in style thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama's fondness for wearing these slight heels. The kitten heel offers the style of a high-heeled pump or sandal without the balance and posture issues. The only variation of high heels the kitten heel does not share is the platform-sole style. So, you will not be able to find a platform-heel trend in a kitten heel. You might want to avoid kitten heels with any type of decoration like a bow on the back. If the bow were to come loose, you risk the chance of tripping over it and injuring yourself.


Wedges come in many varieties, from flip-flops to very high platform-like shoes. Some wedges come in flats, while most are low to mid-heel. Wedges are comfortable to wear and are currently in style. For the office, wedges that look more like a pump or loafer are ideal. Flip-flops and very high wedges are too casual for the workplace and should be avoided.

These four shoe styles are both stylish and functional for the office. You can find a color or variation of each shoe style to complement your office wardrobe. However, even though these shoes will cause the least amount of impact to your body, you also need to make sure you choose the correct shoe size, break the shoes in a week before wearing them, and wear a cushioned insole to help minimize impact while walking.