Cheap Ways to Add Pizazz to Womens Shoes

Discover imaginative ways to add pizazz to women's shoes using hair accessories and a little imagination.

Adding pizazz to women's shoes is fun and affordable. Whether you want to dress up an old pair of sneakers, or add glamour to your favorite high heel pumps, look no further than your favorite hair accessory store. That's right! Bows, ribbons, pins and other cheap hair jewels are ideal for adding pizazz to woman's shoes. Here are few ideas to get you started.

High Heel Ribbon Shoe Decor

Simple pumps may be versatile and comfortable but they could use a little glamour. Add pizazz to your old shoes by tying a silk hair ribbon at the center of the shoe. Slip the ribbon under the shoe, where the heel meets the sole, hold the ribbon ends up to make sure both sides are even, then tie a knot while your foot is in the shoe. The knot will secure the high heel to your shoe, making the shoe more comfortable, as well as more beautiful.

Bobby Pin Women's Shoe Decor

Bobby pins or hair pin sticks come ornamented with crystals in the shapes of flowers or butterflies. Such hair accessories are ideal for adding pizazz to any type of women's shoe. For sneakers, twist the pin end around the ends of the shoe lace using pliers. Click off the metal part you don't need. For elegant shoes, cut a narrow slit in the side of the shoe with a sharp utility knife. Slip the hair pin through the slit, to sit inside the lining of the shoe. Use glue to fix it in place and seal the slit in the side of the shoe. This shoe decor will add pizazz to high heel shoes as well. Just match the hair pin colors to your shoes.

Ballet Ribbon Shoe Decor

Flat, ballet like shoes are so delicate and feminine. To add pizazz to these women's shoes glue a ribbon on both sides of the heel, inside the shoe. Make sure the ribbon is long enough to crisscross around your shin in a sexy knot. Choose a silk ribbon for lighter colored shoes, or dark velvet ribbons for dark, evening shoes.

Brooch Shoe Decor

You can find stunning brooches at your hair accessory store. Bring your shoes with you and choose a brooch that you can pin to the shoes center or on both sides for a glamorous look. When you pin the brooch to the shoe make sure to slip the metal pin between the shoe top and lining. Use glue to firmly fix the pin close to avoid unpleasant accidents as you walk.

Feather Shoe Decor

Feather hair accessories can turn a drab shoe into a sexy shoe. Choose a feather hair band. Cut the band in open, then glue it over the lip of the shoe in such a way that the feathers will cover the rim.

Beads Shoe Decor

Glass hair beads can add pizazz to old sneakers and lace up shoes. Begin by exchanging the laces for ribbons. Then thread beads over the ribbons after they are laced. The beads should come at the ends, right under your shoe lace knot. Choose amber colored beads for business casual leather shoes and rainbow colored beads for sneakers. Add glass beads to the ribbon shoe decor ideas discussed in this article, to add even more pizazz to women's shoes.

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