Top 5 Rock Climbing Shoes for Women

This is a list of the top five rock climbing shoes that are great for women in both fit and performance.

Mad Rock Pheonix Climbing Shoes

The Mad Rock climbing shoe is a great shoe to wear because it fits almost every type of foot. If you have a wide foot, or a thinner foot, the flexible material of the shoe will form to the shape of your foot and the fit has a great feel. The lower midsole of the shoe is stiffer which allows for great performance while climbing and still provides a unique and perfect fit on your foot. There is a reason this shoe is a best seller in North America for rock climbing, it is a great rock climbing shoe that fits almost everyone!

Mad Rock Siren Climbing Shoe

Though the Mad Rock Phoenix is a best selling shoe and made for both women and men, the folks at Mad Rock took the extra initiative to make a shoe that is designed especially for a woman and the woman's foot. This shoe has all the awesome qualities of the Mad Rock Pheonix, but it is made even better for the woman. This shoe is more narrow through the toe box and in the heel, and has a higher arch than the Pheonix, making this fit ideal.

Mad Rock Flash

If you are a more competitive climber with experience and less of a novice to rock climbing, you may prefer the Mad Rock Flash rock climbing shoe. This shoe features a stickier kind of rubber on the sole of the shoe which is made for sticking to steeper angles and tougher to climb surfaces. The shoe fastens with an easy rubber strap which eliminates the need to take time out of your climbing to tie your shoes. This shoe is not only for the advanced climber however, even a new beginner to rock climbing can wear this shoe and enjoy the great technology that has made this shoe what it is.

The Five Ten Gambit

The Five Ten Gambit is a great shoe for the intermediate climber. If you are in between the stages of starting rock climbing and being an advanced climber and you are looking for a new shoe, this could be the new shoe for you. Five Ten also makes a shoe which is designed for a woman's foot, which could be even better for your climbing ventures. This shoe has a flexible upper that moves with you while you are climbing but also forms to your foot for a great fit. This upper also has perforation so your feet will not become too sweaty or hot while you are climbing. The shoe is grey and silver in color and has a lace up closure.

The Five Ten Siren

The Five Ten Siren is the version of the Five Ten Gambit that is especially designed for a woman's foot. Though the Five Ten Gambit works for a woman, the Siren is a better choice for a woman because of it's design. The colors are also prettier than the Gambit, as the Siren's colors are in a nice pale ivory and light blue sea color. This shoe is great for outdoor climbing, indoor climbing, faces and reaching into cracks.