The Five Best Trail Running Shoes for Women

The five pairs of women's trail running shoes featured in this article are from the Adidas, New Balance, Montrail, Teva, and Vasque brands and encompass a variety of design styles and price ranges.

A variety of brands exist to fill the women's trail running shoe market. Trail running shoes are available in a variety of colors and designs as well in a variety of price ranges. There is truly a shoe to fit any woman's style or budget. In this article we will take a closer look at five individual shoes and examine their merits.

Our first shoe is the Montrail Hardrock 08 Trail Running Shoe. The name of this shoe describes it adequately. It is designed to withstand the rocky and uneven terrain that is a trail runner's forte. The shoes weigh in at 11.9 ounces which makes it a relatively comfortable carry. On, the shoe advertises its TPU plate which runs the entire length of the shoe to protect the woman's foot from the inconsistencies of the trail. At a price of $74.99 it falls into the upper range of average shoe costs, which makes it a relatively good bargain for a quality trail running shoe.

The Adidas Kanadia women's trail running shoe is available at for a decent price of $64.99. If you call around to local sports stores you may find a better deal, but the price is usually pretty consistent. This Adidas shoe is really great for assisting your feet in staying moisture free and ventilated. Adidas running shoes are quiet durable and maintain their comfort level for a time period that correlates well with the price paid.

If you are going to be hitting a not so dusty running trail, then the Teva X-Trail Running Shoe may be for you. This women's shoe provides a waterproof running experience. It weighs in at a pretty solid 1 pound and 4 ounces, but when water protection is needed the extra weight is dealt with easily enough. At a price of $44.95 at, they are the bargain bin selection!

An all around superb women's trail running shoe is the Vasque Velcoity VST XCR. This shoe has a ton of features. It is extremely well designed to provide maximum support to your foot while running and, like our previous selection, is waterproof. It weighs in at 1 pound and 7 ounces, so for runners who prefer an exceedingly light-weight shoe it might not work out, but for someone who needs extra support it will be perfect. At, this shoe will run you $119.99.

Another widely available women's trail running shoe is the New Balance 571. These sharp little shoes offer a decent amount of support and a lot of breathing room for the relatively low price of $64.99 at Again, with the New Balance brand, it is possible you could call around and find a better deal locally and save on postage costs.

This article contained five suggestions for a decent pair of women's trail running shoes. Our prices ranged from $44.95 to $119.99 and each pair had a variety of features and a unique design. The stores and internet are loaded with even more options, so there is no excuse not to invest in a new pair of trail runners for yourself this summer!