Shoe Review Under Armour Womens BlackTip LE Trainer Gym Shoes

A great pair of shoes for indoor and outdoor wear.

Working out is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and in shape. However, one of the most difficult things about working out if finding the right apparel that's both practical and comfortable. I enjoy working out and exercising outside, especially in the mornings during the warmer months. One of my favorite exercise routines involves running, jogging, and walking. I love getting my legs moving, especially outside on a running track. When I recently decided to start working out again, the first thing I needed was a new pair of shoes. I've purchased running and gym shoes before from several different brands and have had both good and bad luck. Some shoes are extremely comfortable to me, while others rub against my ankles and heels and give me really bad blisters and sore feet over all.

When I recently started working out again, I went to talk to one of my friends who runs track in college. I really wanted a professional pair of running shoes that would feel great on my feet and help me with the running endurance I wanted. When shoes are uncomfortable, my endurance tends to be way down. My friend suggested a brand to me I was already familiar with: Under Armour. Under Armour is well known for their sports clothing, especially under clothing that helps keep you either cool or warm, depending on what conditions you work out in. I've purchased Under Armour's ColdGear before with great results. Both the pants and shirt I purchased kept me warm during my cold, early morning workouts and exercise routines. When my first suggested Under Armour shoes, I was intrigued and immediately hopped online to see if I could find a great pair for myself.

As soon as I started browsing the Under Armour website, I found a pair of shoes I was interested in: The Under Armour Women's BlackTip LE Trainer Gym Shoes. The shoes have numerous features that insure comfort, most of them involving absorbing the impact of your feet hitting the ground as you run. Specifically, the shoes feature DCE technology to capture impact. I decided to purchase the shoes directly from Under Armour's website for $89.99 in White and Tropic Pink in a size 10.

When I received my Under Armour Women's BlackTip LE Trainer Gym Shoes in the mail, I immediately wanted to try them out. I slipped them on easily before my workout routine, tied them, and hopped on my feet to begin my warm up. The first thing I noticed was how comfortable the shoes were. They really absorb the impact of your feet. Even while running, I felt like I was walking on air instead of on hard pavement. Secondly, the shoes are stylish for gym shoes and I got a few compliments on them. Under Armour tends to make very stylish sports clothing overall. Finally, the shoes have been lasting me quite a while, even with daily use. They're also easy to clean if they get dirty or muddy from being worn outside.

Over all, I would rate these shoes a 4/5. The only thing I am deducting a point for is the price, which is a little steep, especially since you can find Nike, Adidas, and Reebok shoes on clearance at a lot of stores and they deliver similar results to the The Under Armour Women's BlackTip LE Trainer Gym Shoes. However, these shoes delivered everything they promised and were extremely comfortable. I would recommend these shoes to anyone who has a workout routine and is looking for a comfortable pair of gym shoes.