Five Great Brands of Womens Toning Walking Shoes

Toning walking shoes have really taken off in the women's athletic shoe department as well as in casual shoes. This article discusses five great models of toning walking shoes for women.

Over the past couple of years, women's walking toning shoes have really taken off and have been released by many of the major shoe brands. In this article we are going to take a closer look at five models of toning walking shoes.

Skechers Shape Ups Walking and Toning Shoe

Skechers makes their shape up shoes for both men and women who want to tone their lower body and challenge their core while walking. The Skechers' walking and toning shoe is one of the more popular models in the toning shoe market among average consumers because of the conspicuousness of the brand - it is the variety I have seen the most on the street. The toning design aspect of the shoe is very visible from the outside which would not make it an ideal choice for subtle workplace usage when your footwear is supposed to be inconspicuous. At $110.00, they are a pricey way to get in some extra effort!

Avia Avi-Motion 9995 Women's Toning Walking Shoe

The Avia Avi-Motion is usually featured in the same prominent publications as the Skechers' shoe and is advertised in a similar manner. However, this shoe sells for an even $30.00 less than the Skechers at JCPenney's stores but the consumer is limited to a mostly white option. This shoe isn't quite as conspicuous as the Skechers' shoe in terms of design and doesn't require quite the learning curve to navigate in as the other brand.

Easy Spirit Gavel Anti-gravity Women's Walking Shoe

The Easy Spirit Gavel isn't marketed as a toning marvel, but it has all of the ear marks of these shoes. A notable exception to the sneaker toner, the Easy Spirit shoe more closely resembles a pair of sandals in design. The contoured shoe is somewhat noticeable but very comfy and fun to wear. At $69.99 it could be considered a bargain for this type of shoe.

Earth Footwear Women's Interact Shoe

The Earth Footwear women's interact shoe is a somewhat classy take on the toning craze from a company that offers these features in all of their varied designs. At $99, the shoes are somewhat pricey but are made of real leather and could be worn for many different occasions. They are also very subtle in terms of design - it is highly likely no one would notice you were wearing toning shoes in a pair of these.

Curves for Women Toning Trainer

For fans of Curves, Avon will soon be carrying a Curves for Women Toning Trainer online again for the budget price of $49.99. These shoes score high marks in terms of comfort and are very attractive. The actual toning element of the sole is halfway between conspicuous and unnoticeable. They are currently out of stock, but sandals are also sporadically available.

While there is no 100% conclusive proof that toning shoes contribute greatly to the overall health and well-being of a person, they are a fun alternative to regular sneakers for those brave enough to try them out. If they lead to you firming up a bit or shedding a few pounds, so much the better!