Preventing Alleviating Pain Caused by High Heel Shoes

High-heeled shoes are often thought to be sexy and many women won't leave home without them. What they may not realize is that heeled shoes can cause permanent damage. The following is an overview of what can happen and how to alleviate the problem.

Backaches are a pretty common life occurrence. Things like sitting or standing improperly or just over using the muscles can cause pain. Back pain can also come from physical injury due to accident or simply bending the wrong way. Some sources of pain are unavoidable while others we bring upon ourselves. If you have a nagging back pain but you can't figure out where it came from, you may want to consider your wardrobe.

Many women, myself included, love wearing high-heeled shoes. Not only are they stylish they can give you a bit of height and they help elongate the leg. Everywhere you look the 'sexy' woman is wearing heels. Victoria's Secret models and businesswomen alike are constantly photographed wearing heels. It's an image that has been burned into your mind since childhood. They can be sexy but they can also damage your back. Heels force your body weight to be thrown forward and the muscles in your back must work overtime to counteract this.

High heels have been around for almost as long as any other type of shoe. At one time heels were associated with being a person of privilege and wealth. In the 1930s the heel became associated with the fabulous starlet and the glamour that surrounded her. Playboy bunnies have been pictured with heels for decades cementing the 'sexy' image of the high-heeled shoe. What most women don't know is that there is a steep price to pay for everyday use of high heels and there is nothing sexy about the results.

The Damage

Women who wear heels on a daily basis can suffer from not only back pain but also bunions, misshapen muscles, curvature of the spine, painful knee and hip issues and osteoarthritis. That sounds sexy doesn't it? Let's not forget fallen arches and unsightly calluses.

When you wear heels most of your body weight is pushed down on your toes instead of the entire foot. Heels also make your legs, feet and hips work against the way they were designed to work. This adds stress to your bones, muscles and tendons. Add the average 10,000 steps a day to that and you might understand why your feet and back are hurting.

Help For Your Feet

Limit the time you wear your heels. If you feel you can't go to work without them there are things you can do to help your feet. Take a pair of slippers or flat shoes with you to work. When you are seated at your desk you can slip them off and put on the more comfortable shoes to give your feet a break. You can also wear sneakers too and from work and change into your heels when you arrive. If you are out on a date or with friends take the time to slip off your shoes once in a while and give your entire leg a good stretch.

Visit a chiropractor periodically to be sure your spine is not sustaining any damage from your choice of footwear. If your chiropractor suggests that you refrain from wearing heels take their advice.

Choose a lower and wider heel when shoe shopping. Though a wider heel won't help alleviate the effects of wearing heels they will give you a wider base support. This will help eliminate twisted ankles. A lower heel will put less stress on your entire body and can be just as sexy as the higher models.

Get the best fit possible by shopping for shoes late afternoon or evening. Your feet expand during the day. If you buy your shoes when your feet are at their largest size you will ensure a better fitting shoe. You should never wear a tight shoe because it adds even more stress to your muscles and bones. Avoid shoes that come to a point at the toe. When you wear these shoes your toes are squashed into an unnatural position that can damage and deform your toes over time.

Look for shoes that have grips and good cushioning inside. This will help your foot from slipping and sliding around inside your shoe, which may add extra stress to your already aching feet. If you love a pair of shoes but there is not padding you would be wise to buy inserts.

Baby your feet. After a long day in heels you should soak your feet in warm water. Not only is this good for your feet it will leave you feeling more relaxed all over. Constant heel wearing can cause your calf muscles to shorten. Take some time out of your busy day to stretch your leg, feet and back muscles.