Best Comfort Shoes for Women for Under 100

Comfort and fit are important when buying shoes you will be wearing to work in and use daily. Your feert are important; treat them with care and they will be healthy for a long time. Shoes must offer arch support and good design and cushioning.

Best comfort shoes for women for under $100-Merrell is far and away the most comfortable shoe you will ever wear on a daily basis.

I walked into my local plant store the other day and was just looking around when I noticed these interesting-looking shoes on one of the helpers. He said they were Merrells. I should have known. I have seen them on orderlies and doctors at the hospital. My internist was wearing a pair of the casual Merrells.

It seems that everyone's wearing these wonderful shoes, and for good reason. They are designed so well to meet the ordinary stresses of walking and standing.

About twenty years ago, almost the same scenario happened with Birkenstock. People all of a sudden had "discovered" them and you saw these shoes everywhere. Likewise, with Rockports and Eccos. So - do these brands just go through fads only to be replaced with newer fads? I don't really think so because I do still see these other brands all the time even though it seems that people might be buying and wearing the "newer" brands exclusively. I know that I bought Rockports for my son when he was a teenager because I knew how tough they were and how comfortable.

I looked into these more popular shoes worn by people who are on their feet a lot and found some details on these good, solid brands which have emphasized comfort for many years.

Rocport, Timberland, Ecco, and Easy Spirit are all time favorites. All of these as well as the currently popular Merrell offer high comfort and value at less than $100. Each brand has similarities: There are more styles which might cost more than $100, but each of these companies offers a tremendous selection of shoes for well under $100, and all have online sales as well. A real bonus is that many do not even charge for shipping, which can save you even more money.

When shopping for shoes that you will be working in for long hours every day, it's crucial to get shoes that are carefully tailored to enhance the way your foot actually works when walking. That's what I find great about Merrell Shoes. They really do have an advanced technology which cushions the heel of the foot when walking and uses air pockets to do this. They claim that their shoes for women are actually tailored specifically for the way that women walk. And that their design accommodates for walking both uphill and downhill. From mocs to slides and sandles, the buyer has many styles and types to choose from in the $60 to $95 range.

Rockport, begun in the early 1970s, has been designing shoes based on comfort and foot health for years. It was the first shoe manufacturer endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Their series of "Soft Impressions" styles enhanced comfort levels even more. They are excellent shoes designed to be touch and long-wearing as well.

Easy Spirit is another company which has been around for a long time. Their shoes highlight the soft insole and cushioning that gives the wearer comfort when walking on hard surfaces. The site has an interactive feature which will let you choose your level of activity, and it will redirect the buyer to shoes that fit her needs. They have lots of designs for the Career Woman which Rockport and Merrell do not offer. Again, there is a vast selection available for under $100.

Eccos are another shoe which, like Merrell, are designed for maximum foot comfort and health. There are some dress styles for women which you can purchase for under $100, but most of the comfort shoes in this price range are in the casual category. If you go to the site you will also find good sales and they offer to pay shipping as well. Ecco offers trendy sophistication of style that some of the other brands don't give you.

This company was one of the first to begin designing "comfort" shoes when it put out its "Wallabee" in 1965. This English company has been designing for over 55 years and is still going strong. A buyer can expect a great array of style and comfort for many different levels of needs for both men and women. This site also gives you a price comparison for buying their shoes online. One site had a price quote that was almost $30 less than the other three! Good shoe with good prices and styles

Searching for shoes online is really interesting if you put in specific requirements for your needs. It can also save you money if you decide to purchase, and as I mentioned, many sites charge nothing for shipping and handling. Buying the right type of shoe is so important because your Feet are important! They have to last you a lifetime of walking, lifting, and running, so you need to fit yourself with the most comfortable shoes that will also be stylish for your workday or casual wear. Happy shopping and walking!