How to Keep Childrens Shoelaces Tied

Learn how to keep children's shoelaces tied, to avoid injuries to their little knees! Also learn to avoid embarrassment for young ones who don't yet know how to tie their own shoes yet!

The shoe string catalyst came about after watching one of my favorite students Jay fall due to untied very long shoestrings. I realized I needed to try to perfect this shoe tying exercise. I wanted to to feel like I had sent those four year old students playing safely on the playground. Believe me, I had plenty of practice! I was the assistant teacher for a year while I waited for an art teacher position. Never in my life had I ever tied so many shoestrings, not even for my own children. So after time I found if I double looped the double knot it would stay. You could say this has been tested in the field. I did make some enemies out of parents, so beware!

You can tie this adaptation of the double knot for your children or teach them to solve the problem of shoe laces constantly coming undone. Tie the shoes like you normally would, pulling the loops a little longer than the ends of the laces. Take the two loops(bunny rabbit ears)like you would double tie a knot, tie the loops in a knot and before you tighten, loop one of the loops (one bunny rabbit ear) around again. Then pull loops tight into a double looped double knot. Do not tie this knot very tight, just a little tight, for this knot is hard to get out!

This knot may take some practice, so be patient! This will take a much longer time to come undone. The tension works against itself. I have been a teacher of young children for many years, and believe me this works! I couldn't stand to see the little dears fall on their knees!

Double looping the loops on your shoestrings helps children overcome the problem of what to do when their shoelaces come undone. Children have different timetables that they reach milestones. I have never been one to rush their development, but I do love to see my children learn independence. This can especially help children who are dyslexic, who have problems with orientation. This is a great tip to pass on to your friends and the teachers of your young children!

When I worked at a Montessori school several of the teachers would let the children run around without tying their shoes. Of course that worried me. The children did learn to tie their shoes usually before they were five years old. Montessori schools encompass practical living needs very seriously. Having the knowledge of the Montessori way I have always insisted tying children's shoes with this method. They can tie their own shoes, just not the same way I can. As a mother, that is the balance that is at constant war, even as I have an eighteen year old daughter. Do we let them learn for themselves or do we protect them from their falls.