How to Deal with Smelly Shoes

A smelly foot is simply a big no. This article gives out tips to avoid bad odor in shoes as well as ways to take away the terrible smell.

Unpleasant odor in our shoes is definitely terrible. This is especially irritating when present in our favorite ones. There is no reason to get too depressed about it though. Here are several ways to deal with terribly smelling footwear.

1. The Baking Soda Treatment

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to work on that smelly footwear. It is simply spreading in the insides of the shoes and left there for the whole night. The powder can be shook or dusted off before using the shoes on the following morning.

2. The Disinfectant Usage

With the use of a disinfectant, the attack does not end on the smell of the shoes only. It goes further and eliminates the germs that cause the unwanted odor. Spraying the disinfectant in the insides of the shoes before and after use is all it takes. This can be done on a daily basis in order to avoid the buildup of bacteria. Various disinfectant products are available in your local supermarkets. They even come in different scents.

3. The Shoe Cleanup

Wash the shoes regularly. One should, however, avoid being dumb and be careful not to wash shoes that are made of non-washable materials. Runners and sneakers are examples of footwear that may undergo washing without the risk of getting them ruined. When using washing machines, get a hold of those shoe bags that are designed especially for shoe washing in washing machines. They protect the shoes from being ruined from all the spinning process going on inside the machine. One may, on the other hand, opt for the more traditional hand washing and liberally use detergent to get rid of all that smell. Ample brushing to get rid of the dirt should be coupled with mildness in order not to tear the footwear apart. Thorough rinsing is also a must.

4. The Socks Habit

When wearing sneakers and the likes, one should wear socks. They absorb moisture and, therefore, prevent the bacteria from building up within the shoes. The best socks are those made of cotton, which gives the feet freedom to breathe

5. The Orange Peel Regimen

The peeling of the orange fruit is a good and natural freshener. With shoes, these can be left inside the shoes to get rid of odors and kill bacteria.

6. The Alternate Shoe Schedule

It helps to use your footwear alternately. Letting them rest for a day or two and exposed to fresh air can keep bacteria away.

7. The Clean Feet Solution

Make sure that the feet are clean and fresh before wearing the shoes. They should also be dry to avoid the presence of moisture getting all locked up inside. Applying foot powder is another option for feet hygiene.