Dont Suffer for Fashion Guide to Timely Shoe Shopping

Shopping for shoes should be an olympic sport. Learn how to win a gold metal by finding sexy, but comfortable shoes.

I love shopping for shoes. Every time we pass by a shoe store my husband immediately starts looking for something to entertain himself. I love shoe shopping so much I should go pro. If I see a pair of shoes I like I have to try them on in every color available. How will I know if I've found the perfect pair of shoes if I don't try them on and walk around the store in them?

As wonderful as they are, new shoes can be trouble. My step-daughter went shoes shopping with me one day. It was her first time shopping for shoes outside of (shudder) Wal-Mart. This girl has a hard time finding shoes that fit her because she's a size ten. Cute and sexy shoes are hard to find in a size ten, especially if you live in a small town. She found herself a cute little pair of wedges with a peep toe. My step-daughter tried the shoes on and walked around the store in them for a few minutes before deciding those shoes were coming home with her. The next time she went to wear those cute shoes she found them miserably uncomfortable and spent most of the day with them off. What was the difference? They were fine in the store.

The difference was when she tried her shoes on for the first time. We had begun our shopping excursion first thing in the morning when our feet were well rested. You see, if you really want to know how a pair of shoes are going to fit you late afternoon is the best time to try them on.

As the day progresses and you spend time on your feet they spread out and swell. Some women even have different shoes sizes depending on the time of day! My step-daughter wouldn't have bought those shoes if she had tried them on at the end of the day rather than the beginning. When you're enjoying a marathon day of shopping you should hit the shoe store last. When you try those sexy boots on you'll be better equipped to find a comfortable pair. After all, women don't have to suffer for fashion. They can be sexy and comfortable at the same time, provided they shop right.