How to Fix a Broken Shoe Heel

A guide on how to fix a broken shoe heel.

It's so frustrating when the heel on your favorite pair of shoes break. You might be tempted to just throw them away, but it's more practical to just try and fix the heel of the shoe yourself first! Here is a guide to fixing the broken heel of your shoe.

You should be able to save yourself the time of having to shop for new shoes and some money as well, by simply trying to fix the shoe yourself. To fix it, you may need some special glue and some extra shoe nails. It is not advised to try and fix the shoe heel by simply nailing it back because the original nails will slide back out of their holes. What you would want to do is to cover the nails with glue, (make sure to follow the instruction on the glue packaging!) match the heel of the shoe to the sole and press. Make sure to wipe away any extra glue that might remain. Next, cover the original nails with glue and put them back into where they belong. For extra strength, you may want to use a tack hammer to put a few more nails into the heel.

You will want to let the shoe glue dry for a period of time before trying to test it out. You can check to see if the repair has taken by pulling a bit on the heel. If it still feels loose, try a few smaller screws to strengthen the hold.

If by chance you have to buy a new heel all-together, you will want to make sure and add additional nails to the mate of the heel so that you have and maintain balance. If your heel is simply too damaged and cannot be repaired and you have to buy a whole new heel, you need to check and make sure that it is the same as the other in height and width. If they are not the same size, you will not have good balance, and there's a good chance you could fall or tumble.

If your heels are heels such as stiletto heels, heels that are very narrow at the bottom, you may run across the problem of the heel wearing down at the bottom. You CAN purchase heel replacements at just about any shoe repair shop. If you are not sure as how to repair them yourself, a salesman at the shop should be able to give you good advice on how to get the best possible results.