How to Fix a Squeaky Shoe

Are you bothered by a squeaky shoe? Here's how to fix this annoying problem.

It can feel good to slip on a new pair of shoes that you've chosen from the shoe department at the local department store. They may have felt good on your feet when you tested them out at the store. Until you got home and discovered they squeak with every step. Is there a way to fix a squeaky shoe?

Shoes that make an annoying squeaking sound are more common than most people realize. Sometimes the annoying sound is caused by portions of the shoe rubbing together in unison with movement. In rare cases, the cause can be a lose heel that wasn't bonded properly when the shoe was constructed. If shoes have recently been worn out in the rain, water can collect in a hollow heel and give rise to squeaking noises and other unexpected sounds. A loose heel can sometimes be reattached using Super glue. In other cases, the shoe may need to be repaired by a local shoe repair shop. Here are some simple measures that can be used to fix a squeaky shoe.

Fix a squeaky shoe: Use talcum powder

This method is a quick and easy way to fix a squeaky shoe. Simply lift up the inner sole and lightly dust it with talcum powder. Put the soles back in and walk around a bit. Not only will the squeaking be gone in most cases, but the shoe will smell fresher because of the oil absorbing capabilities of the talcum powder.

Fix a squeaky shoe: Apply lotion or petroleum jelly

If talcum powder doesn't work, apply a light coating of hand lotion to the inner sole of each shoe and place it back in the shoe. Petroleum jelly and olive oil will also work just as well for this purpose. Once you've applied the oil, walk around for a few minutes to allow the lotion to work its magic.

Fix a squeaky shoe: WD-40

If neither of the above techniques works, you have a final option. Take out the inner soles and spray them with WD-40. Also, lightly spray the inside of the shoe. This technique will often work when all else fails.

If all of the above methods are ineffective, it may be time to take those shoes to the shoe repair shop to see if they can be salvaged by a professional. Word has it that some people actually enjoy squeaky shoes and seek them out. Who would have thought?