Finding the Perfect Shoes for that Outfit

How to find the right shoe for that fabulous new outfit. Fashion tips and ideas.

Finding the perfect shoe to complete your outfit can make you walk the streets as if it were your own runway. With so many styles to choose from, one can see why it's so hard to find the perfect shoe. For many years, the fashion industry has impressed us with it's designs, colors, and styles it constantly brings us. Many of the shoe styles have been around for eras because of how classic the shoe remains. We all want to wear the newest shoe design, but does the shoe really fit our styles?

Manolo Blanics, Coach and Kate Spade are part of this growing fashion industry. As the movie, "The Devil wears Prada", put it best, every color, design and size is designed to fit and put our best features forward. Just like the clothes we wear, our shoes are also accenting our best features. For example, high heeled shoes are meant to give our legs the appearance of being long and toned. This works best for women who are short. If you are tall this style also works, but you want to tone down how tall you are, a pair of flats might work best for your style. Every style of shoe is meant for some type of women.

The most important part of shoe is not it's color or design, it's how comfortable the shoe is. If your shoe is to tight, you won't be able to walk by and strut your stuff. Just like if your shoe is too big, people will be able to tell that your shoes are the worse part of your outfit. Yes, the comfort is a big part of picking the perfect shoe. Because if you found the perfect shoe that's too tight or too loose, then your face will express the discomfort your feeling. Learn to be your own critic and decide for yourself if it's worth buying this uncomfortable shoe.

When shopping for the perfect shoe, pick the best shoe that extenuates your bodies features. This makes your purchase more meaningful because you know this pair of shoes you bought makes you feel good and comfortable about yourself. If you don't like the latest fashion trends, no one says you need to buy them. A classic black is always in style and usually goes with any outfit. If you feel like adding color to your wardrobe, try picking a red shoe that goes with many styles.

This is just a guide to help you feel more comfortable about the style, color, or design of the shoe you purchase. The best part of finding a shoe is the way it makes you feel. You might be able to make your own fashion statement with a classic pair of black shoes. The fashion industry will continue to put new designs out each year. Just try to buy shoes that in your opinion will never go out of style. Because sometimes, they just won't. And the latest trend will be in your closest!