Kids Shoes Handy Maintenance Tips

Kids shoes are expensive. Use these handy maintenance tips to make them last longer.

Kids shoes rarely last until they're outgrown. Maintenance is a necessity when kids shoes cost parents several days pay. Kids' shoes cost a small fortune. Why not do a little maintenance for a lot of extra mileage? Keep shoes scuff, stain and odor free. Here are some handy maintenance tips for kids' shoes.

Kids shoe spray

As soon as you get home from buying new kids' shoes, spray them with acrylic craft spray from the craft store. Acrylic spray coating will keep out rain, stains, salt and more. This handy maintenance tool comes in matte or glossy. It can be used on any type of shoes. Let dry overnight before kids wear the shoes.

Easy no slip shoes for kids

Here's a handy tip to keep new kids' shoes from tripping up their owners. Keep babies and toddlers safe in their new shoes. Attach a strip of Velcro hook on the bottom of their shoes. The Velcro will grip walking surfaces to keep little ones from sliding. This tip keeps shoes cleaner too. There will be fewer scuff marks.

Kids shoeshine

Toxic shoe polish has no business on kids shoes. It's OK, there is a non toxic and inexpensive way to shine up kids shiny shoes. Use a soft cloth. Work a very small dab of petroleum jelly into the cloth. Now shine those kids shoes up. It's toxin free maintenance. Baby oil and mineral oil work well too. The petroleum jelly has the best shine of the three.

Lost kids' shoes

Parents who spend countless mornings looking for lost shoes will love this one. Buying new kids shoes because one got lost is aggravating. Keep a shoe rack filled with slippers for the whole family at the front door. Everyone who enters puts on slippers and replaces them on the rack with their shoes. This maintenance tip saves the cost of lost shoe replacement and saves the carpets too.

Salt stains on shoes and boots

You forgot the acrylic spray coating. It's winter. The kids took their new boots or shoes out to play. Now they have salt marks all over them from melted snow and ice. I've got a handy shoe maintenance tip for that. Mix a solution of 1 tsp. vinegar in a quart of warm water. Dip a soft cloth in the solution. Rub until the salt stains disappear. Always color test first on an inside seam.

Cleaning kids' shoes

Use an old worn out electric or manual toothbrush to scrub kids' shoes clean. Toothpaste is a great maintenance cleaner for kids shoes too. When used with a toothbrush it gets right into the cracks and crevices. For tougher stains on white athletic shoes, try a little bleach. When finished cleaning shoes, let them dry then re-spray them with acrylic spray for maintenance protection.

Kids foot odor remover

Part of good maintenance for kids' shoes is keeping them odor free. Mint, tea bags, kitty litter and newspaper all work well for odor maintenance. Fill an old sock with mint, tea bags or kitty litter. Rubber band the end. Slip the sock into shoes at night to absorb odors. Newspaper works too. Ball it up and stuff the shoes with it. Shoes are fresh as a daisy in the morning.