Shoes and Boots for Your Dog

Dog boots and shoes are cute, but they are very practical too. In this article I'll explain how boots and shoes can benefit your canine companion

Dog shoes and boots are not just for fun and fashion. There are several practical reasons why you should consider buying boots for your dog. I will discuss the practical side of dog boots and shoes, as well as the fun side, here in this article.

Dog boots can protect the paw pads

Paw pad problems are very common. Snow, ice, and salt, can be very hard on a dog's paw pads. Pieces of ice can cut a dog's paws; salt is very corrosive and can cause chemical burns and cracking. Waterproof dog boots can help protect your dog's paws during winter walks.

Some dog boots do not have as much traction as the natural paw. Make sure the boots you buy have a good gripping surface so that your dog does not slip and fall. Boots such as Hott Doggers by Muttluks (the name is derived from the "Mukluk" boots for people) are designed to provide good traction on wood flooring (but these do not have waterproof uppers and are not intended for snow).

Just as ice, snow, and salt can be hazardous for paw pads in the winter, hot pavement can be troublesome in the summer. "Handsnpaws" sells Hott Doggers along with a very large selection of dog boots and shoes for all weather conditions.

If boots or shoes are not appropriate for your dog, you can simply apply a paw pad protecting cream such as Musher's Secret. Musher's Secret is widely available at reasonable prices. I've included a link (see the resources section) to one shop that sells it, but it is also available many other places.

Dog boots can help disabled or senior dogs

Some shoes have special support and traction to help arthritic dogs rise from the floor. These shoes also give extra support for dogs with hip dysplasia or other disabilities. Your vet might know if there is a store in your area that sells special shoes for dogs. If not, you can order orthopedic boots for dogs online. I've included a link to one style of orthopedic boot here.

Dog Boots for Fashion

Dog shoes range from the practical to the sensational. The ultra fashionable can choose patent leather Mary Janes, or designer running shoes, at prices comparable to prices for human name-brand shoes. For the lounging canine, there are even pink bunny slippers. The price of fashion shoes varies a lot.

When considering shoes for your dog, the main goal should be to protect their feet. Make sure the fit is not too constricting or too loose. Just as ill-fitting shoes are unhealthy for your feet, ill-fitting shoes are unhealthy for your dog.