How to Tie Shoes with One Hand OneHanded Knot

Learn how to tie your shoes with one hand.

Multi-tasking is something that really comes in handy when you are a parent. When you have young children, learning to do things with one hand while the other hand is occupied with a toddler or another chore is almost a necessity. Even small chores, such as tying a shoe can be a challenge when you have toddlers. But, if laced properly, shoes can be tied with a simple one-handed knot. But, if laced properly, shoes can be tied with a simple one-handed knot.

1. Lacing the shoe. The first step is to lace the shoe. First, tie the shoelace onto one of the first eyelets at the toe end of the shoe. Lace the shoe by threading the lace through the eyelet across from the eyelet that you tied the first knot into, then continue a pattern of up and across until you reach the top row of eyelets. Once you have laced the last pair of eyelets, feed the lace back across and through the opposite eyelet. Since the lace will pass through this eyelet twice, it is sometimes difficult to get through, so it is important to leave this threaded when you loosen the laces to take off the shoe.

2. Tying the knot. Hold the loose end of the lace between your right thumb and forefinger and use your right thumb to create a loop that sits across the lace that you fed back into the last eyelet.

3. Holding your thumb inside the loop, form a new loop using your forefinger. Pass this new loop underneath the threaded lace and out through the loop your thumb is holding (the first loop).

4. Pull the new loop downwards and to the right without pulling the loose end all the way through. Pull the loop until the knot is tight against the eyelet.