Turn Those Old Shoes into Something Really Cool

3 crafts for kids to do with their shoes!

From the words of The Foot Book by Dr Seuss: One Foot, Two Feet, Left Foot, Right Foot, Oh how many feet you will meet!! What can your child do to make their feet memorable to meet? Here are 3 crafts kids can do with shoes.

Gilded Shoe Planter

My child refuses to let go of a pair of tinkerbell tennis shoes and this project will give her a new way to use and keep her favorite pair of shoes!!


  • Pair of old child sized tennis shoes
  • Container of Modge Podge outdoor decoupage glue
  • Paint brush
  • 1 can of gold spray paint
  • Potting soil mix
  • Flower seeds or small 6 pk or 4 inch container flowers such as pansy, snap dragon, or dianthus


  • Go outdoors and bring all the materials with you. You do not want to do this project indoors due to the mess it will make and the potential health hazards from not being in a well ventilated area.
  • Using the outdoor Modge Podge decoupage glue and the paint brush have your child paint the glue all over their shoe, covering the entire thing. This will form a water proof protective barrier when dried.
  • When dry, have a responsible adult spray paint the entire shoe with gold spray paint to give it a "gilded" look.
  • Allow the spray paint to fully dry.
  • Once dry, have your child fill the shoe with potting soil.
  • Plant flower seeds or a small flower seedlings into the shoe where the opening is to put your feet in.
  • Place in a sunny spot and enjoy.

Designer Shoes


  • 1 pair of plain white canvas shoes or tennis shoes
  • Permanent markers
  • Fabric paint


  • This is so super easy. Just let your kids color and paint their shoes any way they want to! Allow the shoes to dry before wearing them, and if you use fabric paint you may want to throw the shoes in the dryer for a few minutes to "set" the paint, follow the manufacturer's instructions on that.
  • You're kids will love decorating their own shoes and wearing them for everyone to see!! They'll be the only kid around with that particular shoe design!

Flip Flop Fun

This is very similar to the Designer Shoes.


  • 1 pair of cheap flip flops (You can find some at most Dollar Stores during the summer)
  • Glue
  • Flowers or Marbles


  • If you have a girl then flowers will be suitable enough. If you have a boy then you may want to use marbles or fake bugs or whatever he is into.
  • All you do is have the child glue the objects onto the flip flop part of the shoe that goes over their foot.
  • The best part about these flip flops is that if a piece falls off and gets lost all you have to do is glue on another when you get home!