How to Clean Canvas Sneakers For Only Pennies

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Canvas sneakers are back in style. When I wore canvas sneakers they served many purposes. I would wear them for gym class, playing outside sports, and dressing for parties. When I wore them to a party, I had to get them as clean as possible. Tossing them into the washing machine alone wasn't very economical, especially if your family didn't own one. Besides, if you wash a pair of red, black, or blue canvas sneakers in a washing machine they will fade, and you don't want that. So i found out what I had to do to get and keep my sneakers looking brand new all the time.

This is what you're going to need so you can get and keep your canvas sneakers clean. Every home has a bar of soap that's too small for anything, well it's perfect for cleaning canvas sneakers. That old toothbrush that's just sitting in the toothbrush rack,Grab it, it's finally going to earn its keep. You're going to need a rag, an old sweat sock works great, and a mop bucket to hold water. You can use newspaper to catch excess water and dirt. Run about a gallon of water into the bucket for very dirty sneakers or half a gallon for not so dirty sneakers. You're also trying to save money. So if you pay to heat your water, use cold water, it works just as good. Remove the shoe laces. Dip the toothbrush and soap into the water and gently scrape the bristles of the toothbrush across the soap until you get some solid soap caught in the bristles. Put your hand inside one sneaker and dip the soapy toothbrush into the water.

Scrub the white rubber with the soapy toothbrush until the rubber is clean. Rub the white rubber with the rag before the soap and water dries. Rinse your rag and rub the white rubber again. Do the same with the other sneaker. If your canvas is white or of any lite color, do the same with the canvas. You will have to get the canvas wetter than the rubber, and you may want to use another rag to rinse with. Rinse the toothbrush and rag and put them away with the soap for next time. The same toothbrush can be used to clean the stitching around the soles of your dress shoes also.