Types of Running Shoes

This article shares advice in different types of running shoes and how to pick the shoes that are perfect for you.

When you walk into a sports shoe store, you might be overwhelmed by so many options that it is sometimes hard to make up your mind and chooose which running shoes you are going to buy. There are so many brands and within each brand so many choices that finding the perfect shoes for you is not an easy task, but finding the right shoes for you is important because if you use the wrong kind of shoes for running you could get hurt in the long run.

If you wear the wrong type of shoes for running, you are in danger of suffering some kind of injury. Walking shoes for instance, are more rigid in the front, so if you use this type of shoes for running, it will be very uncomfortable because every time you push forward, your foot will encounter resistance. Running shoes are designed to be more efficient in front to back motion, so if you use shoes made for sports such as tennis or basketball, you can hurt your ankle, because those shoes are designed for side to side movement.

Effective running shoes are designed having specifically this sport in mind. Well designed shoes provide good shock absorption, abundant cushioning for your heel, an Achilles notch in the back, and a flexible top and front area to take advantage of the motion on your foot. If you can find a specialty store for running shoes in your area, it is the first place you should go. Generally specialty stores are owned by running experts or at least have staff knowledgeable in this area. They have plenty of experience in this matter, so they can help you choose the perfect running shoes for you based on your weight, foot size and shape, and lifestyle.

There are several types of running shoes, each designed with specific attributes in mind. Lightweight trainers are shoes designed with a comfortable amount of cushioning and good support. They are built as light as possible and are suitable for both short distance and long distant races. Another common type of running shoes is running flats. These shoes don't offer a lot of support or cushioning, but are very good in short races; some models are equipped with spikes, to provide the best grip and acceleration in sprints.

Regardless of your running discipline, there is a perfect pair of shoes for you. Visit your local store and ask around to find a good set. Tell the staff at the store your intentions and the specific kind of shoes you require and you'll be making a great purchase.