Generic Crocs Frugal Fashion

The story of how one family was won over by a hideous looking shoe.

You've seen them: People wearing these strange shoes and clogs. Don't they look ugly? I'm sure you thought.

I know I thought just that. My aunt introduced them to me at our annual family reunion; her doctor had recommended them to her after she had broken her foot, and (amazingly) my fashion-conscious aunt had fallen so in love with the footwear that she had gifted her entire family with them! What's more, they were actually wearing these hideous shoes!

That won't be me, I declared. No way!


By next spring, my young daughter decided she has to have a pair of what appears to me as a grossly over-sized, ugly behemoth of a shoe. Of course being the indulgent mom that I am, I gave in by summer vacation.

Okay, I confess! I did more than give in. I let her talk me into getting my own matching pair of the monstrosities. Well, they were only four bucks at Wal-Mart. My heart just goes out for the cheap stuff, provided it is any good.

I figured we would give them a major test our first night out: We took them camping. Camping, hiking, just general roughing it at Land Between the Lakes State Park. I was convinced we would have to stop our trip early because our cheap ugly shoes would give out.

Was I ever wrong! Those generic crocs not only survived that, but they survived long walks on all different terrain such as concrete, asphalt, gravel, dirt. They survived swimming in areas where the rocks were sharp as glass! I even took them bike riding - and they lived! Neither myself nor my daughter have been able to tear up these shoes!

Another surprising fact about these four-dollar pairs of generic crocs: They are actually comfortable! While you can wear them with or without socks, I have discovered that my feet sweat less if socks are worn. Socks also seem to mysteriously reduce the amount of pebbles the shoes pick up on rough terrain.

When I decided it was time to put my generic crocs away at summer's end, I had become so spoiled by the ease of slipping on those shoes that I insisted upon purchasing a pair of nice leather clogs for the winter. However, within a few weeks the soles wore off those shoes, and I was back in my four-dollar generic crocs!

Until Wal-mart got a supply of generic croc clogs. Now my daughter and I have more of the shoes I formerly called hideous; not only do we have our summer sandal pairs, but now we have padded house shoe clogs and I have a pair for outside use as well this winter.

Yes, some people I know shake their heads when they take a good hard look at my footwear, but you know what? I'll bet my shoes are not only cheaper than theirs, but that they're more comfortable and will last a lot longer to boot!

So fellow frugalistas, I now ask you which is better: A shoe that looks prettier and costs more, or an inexpensive, comfortable shoe that lasts forever but may not be as gorgeous? Which do you prefer?

I officially have to eat my own words and say: I love my cheap generic crocs!