How to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

Shoe care tips on how to make shoes last longer.

If you love shoes as much as I do, then you are willing to spend a hefty price for them. Therefore, it's important to keep your shoes looking like new as long as possible. Below are some shoe care tips to help your shoes last longer and stay in perfect shape. The following shoe care tips work with all types of shoes including women's shoes, children's shoes, and men's shoes.

The first shoe care tip to make your shoes last longer is to buy quality shoes. If you've been saving to buy a pair of shoes it is better to pay a little more for a shoe that will last longer. This actually will save money within a longer duration of time. If you buy a higher quality shoe that last several years versus buying four pairs within the same time frame, it's much cheaper to have bought one pair versus four.

Never wear a pair of shoes two days in a row. Your shoes must be allowed to "rest". Wearing the same shoes over and over accelerates the "aging" process of the shoe and they become worn down much quicker.

Another shoe care tip to make sure your shoes last longer is to make sure that the proper steps are taken after your shoes have gotten wet. Moisture and/or sweat are extremely damaging to shoes. When it rains or snows, immediately put your shoes in a warm dry play to dry to avoid damage. Stuff the wet shoes with newspaper, this will allow the shoe to keep its shape while drying. Let your shoes dry for a full day before wearing them again.

Shoe care also includes polishing. Men's shoes get polished often, however, it's important to also polish women's shoes as well as children's shoes. Polishing your shoes will help maintain the "like new" appearance of your shoes. Brush your shoes before polishing. Brushing your shoes helps get rid of dirt and debris. If you use different colors to polish your shoes, change the brushes and use a different brush for each color. If you use the self-shining liquid colors such as Kiwi, you have to be careful when the applicator is pressed against the shoe. It is easy to dispense too much liquid and it will stain your floors and/or clothing.

Another polishing tip is to spray a tiny amount of water on the shoe before you polish it. This will give it a more intense shine. Once you are finished polishing the shoe, use a pair of old pantyhose to complete the finish. This will create a dynamic shine!

Careful storage is paramount in making your shoes last longer. Store your shoes in a cardboard box with paper stuffed inside the shoe. The paper will help the shoe keep its shape. Once the shoe loses its shape, it is difficult to regain it. It's easier to keep the original box and paper that is included in the original purchase of the shoes. Once you begin getting in the habit of saving the box and paper, it will become second nature.

If the shoes have odors, a little baking soda will help remove offensive odors.

Shoes are an investment. Given the economic climate that we are in, it's important to know how to make your shoes last longer. Following the above steps will help shoe care become easier and ensure that your shoes will last for many years!