DIY Guide How to Fix a Broken Shoe Heel

A guide to repairing broken high heels at home.

Hours spent shopping for the perfect pair of shoes can quickly become time wasted when the heel breaks. High heel shoes come in many shapes and colors with various types of heels such as Cuban, French, and stiletto to name a few. Unfortunately, heels have a way of breaking suddenly, either on the stairs or simply walking across the floor. Two ways exist to fix a broken shoe heel: a shoe repair shop or do it yourself. Decide if your favorite pair of shoes is worth the cost and a trip to the local shoe repair shop. Alternatively, it is just as easy, and less expensive, to repair a broken shoe heel at home with an adhesive and nails.

Tools needed are some type of adhesive, a small hammer, and shoe nails. Any adhesive is good in a pinch, i.e. Krazy Glue, Super Glue, or even Elmer's Glue. However, a well-known shoe adhesive, Shoe Goo, will ensure longevity and the proper hold. Even though glue alone may be adequate, if the heel of the shoe has completely broken off from the shoe, using glue and nails is the best route for repair. Check the sole and heel to remove any dried adhesive or other impediment. Coat the broken shoe heel with glue and align back on the shoe. Be sure to remove any excess glue. When shoe has dried thoroughly, coat original nails with glue and reinsert nails into respective holes. Without adhesive, original nails will slide due to wear. Using the hammer, add more nails to ensure a firm hold. To maintain walking balance, check the mate to your shoe and add a few more nails.

Extra Shoe Repair Tips:

  • Do not apply too much adhesive - the hold will not cure effectively.
  • Make sure adhesive has dried completely before reinserting nails into shoe.
  • Use nails similar in size and length of original nails.
  • Heels break at inopportune times. Carry adhesive with you for quick and easy repair.
  • If heel has broken in two pieces, purchase a replacement heel and make sure that it will balance with the mate of your shoe.
  • Usually the tips of heels are the first to wear out but are simple to replace. You can pick up replacement tips at the local shoe repair shop or supercenter such as Wal-Mart. Remove the worn down tips and apply new tips with a tack hammer and nails.