Alphabet Shoe Pins that Say What You Want

Tell the world anything you want by making cute shoe pins that are easy enough for kids to make.

Got something to say? Let your shoes do the talking! Shoes don't talk, you say? Well they'll say plenty when you spell out your mood, your name, or just the word "Hi", using alphabet beads and safety pins. The pins can be changed any time so you can say something different every day.

Tiny alphabet beads make it easy to create one-of-a-kind shoe sayings for the world to see. Simply string them onto safety pins, attach them to the shoes or laces, then enjoy the attention your shoes get all day!

Alphabet beads can be purchased in many sizes and styles. You'll need the tiniest of beads for a baby's shoes but can use most any size for an adult's shoes. Beads with huge holes can even be threaded directly onto the shoe laces, but beads with tiny holes need the safety pin. Either look is fabulous, and you make it unique by spelling out your thoughts for the day, or just a greeting.

Obviously, a safety pin can't hold too many beads, especially if they're large beads, so if you have a lot to say, you'll need several pins. Whether you use one pin or many, the project is easy. Just place the beads on the pin, to spell out what you want, then fasten the pin(s) on the shoestrings or another area of the shoe.

You can make other creations besides just the spelled words. Thread the pin with your favorite color of bead, place your initial(s) in the center, using the alphabet beads, then fill the rest of the pin with your color beads. Or, just fill the pin with unique beads that have swirls, dots or other designs.

There is another way that you can attach the beads to the pin, although it takes a little more time to do the second technique. The second technique, though, allows you to make a flag-type arrangement that's colorful and attention-grabbing.

Use fishing twine, or something similar, to string beads onto the pin To do this, either tie a slip knot in the twine, and slide it onto the pin, or just fold the twine in half and slide the loop over the pin. For the latter, you'll need to immediately string the beads onto the twine, so that the twine doesn't slide off of the pin. Make as many strands as needed - and as will fit on the pin - to spell out the saying, make a USA flag, or create a different design.

Although most designs can be done using ordinary safety pins, some of the pins will give you less stress if you use an actual craft safety pin. The difference in the pins is that a craft safety pin is made to where the head of the pin unscrews, allowing you to place the beads on the side with the head. After threading the beads, and screwing the head of the pin back on, the beads are trapped on the side of the pin with the head, making it impossible for the beads to slide off. With regular safety pins, you'll have to take care to pin or remove the pin while not allowing the beads to slide off.

No matter what kind of safety pins you're using, the craft is a lot of fun for children and adults alike. Although the pins work best on sneakers and tennis shoes, there are some sandals and flip-flops where the pins will work fine as well.

Get some safety pins, and assorted beads - don't forget the alphabet beads - and get started making your own unique designs. Since each tennis shoe pin costs only a couple of pennies to make, you'll want to make lots and lots!