Fashion How To Design Your Own Rasta Shoes

How to guide to get you walking in your own rasta shoes.

With a few supplies including paint, fabric, brushes and glue, you can design your own rasta shoes. The main colors used in rasta products are red, black, green and gold-the Rastafari official colors. Rastafari is an African-centered religion developed in the 1930s in Jamaica after Haile Selassie I was crowned King of Ethiopia. Selassie is the God for the Rastafarians. The religion spread rapidly around the world with the music of Bob Marley. A lion is often used in rasta clothing and products as it is the symbol representing Rastafari and Selassie.

Pick Out Shoes

Pick the shoes you will use to make your rasta shoes. Starting out with a white colored shoe is recommended to create rasta shoes. There are a number of shoes that can be used including Converses and Keds. Canvas shoes are ideal for painting.

Design Shoes

Decide on a rasta design for your shoe and make a draft. Visit stores that sell rasta shoes and products to get inspiration for your design. You can all use the internet to search for rasta designs. Depending on what supplies you use to make your shoes it may be hard to fix any mistakes. Since making the rasta shoes will be your own creation your mistakes are also your artwork. A draft of the rasta shoes should be made before hand. "Craft Stylish," recommends drawing a pair of shoes on a piece of paper with your design.

Gather Supplies

Pick out the supplies and/or software you will use to design your rasta shoes. If you will be making your rasta shoes with fabric, paint and other art supplies visit an art store like Michaels and gather all your supplies. You could also design your shoes with software like Adobe Photoshop. If you will be designing your shoes with a software program make sure you have access to a computer and the necessary software to design your. Suggested supplies needed for this project include: acrylic and spray paints, brushes, fabric swatches, water jars for paint brushes, glue gun amp; glue stick, fabric glue and scissors.

Create Your Shoes

Start designing your rasta shoes. Once you have your supplies and shoes start designing your shoes. The shoes you make will be one of a kind since they will be made by you. If designing shoes with paint and other art supplies the shoes may need to dry before you can wear them. Pick a clean area where the shoes wont get dirty and have time to dry before you wear them.

Start Walking

Start walking in your new rasta shoes. Once you are done designing your new shoes start showing them off. Your rasta shoes may get you some orders to design some for other people that like your style.