Summer 2019 Fashion Tips Business Casual

A guide for women that explains how she can wear the trends of summer 2019 while still being work appropriate. This guide include tips on fabrics, colors, shoes, and jewelry.

Summer is heating up and it's time to set aside your winter clothes. Spring has ushered in a whole new wave of fashion trends that are sure to catch a fashionista's eye. Unfortunately, most women who are confined to desk jobs have to obey the office dress code. Business casual can still be fun and summery, however. Just because you have a dress code doesn't mean you can't show off what a terrific sense of style you have.

There are a few obvious no-nos when it comes to business casual. Flip flops, jeans, shorts, miniskirts, tank tops and other sleeveless shirts are not exactly appropriate office wear. Don't show too much skin or cleavage. It is essential that your clothes are clean and crisp and not wrinkled, faded, stretched out, or stained.

Lightweight fabrics will help you keep cool and comfortable during this hot season. Look for cotton, linen, and jersey knit pieces. Sheer fabrics are also in style. A little bit of peek-a-boo sheer fabric will look great. Ruffles are a trend that is easily worn at the office, especially when paired with a masculine vest. Ruffles are great in a pinch because they require very little accessorizing. Bold floral and animal prints are perfect for summer.

Colors this season are bright. If you're looking to add a splash of color to your outfit, go for turquoise. This bright, beautiful color flatters all skin tones. Mix turquoise with neutral black, white, and brown clothing at the office and accessorize with colors such as red, purple, or yellow. Metallic colors are still in style this summer, with gold tones leading the pack. Just a hint of this trend will be fine - go for the shimmery handbag or the shoes, but not both. Black and white combinations are also big this year, and make for a very sophisticated look.

Footwear options are plentiful this season. Fringe, studs, and chains might be a bit much for business casual, but use your best judgment. Gladiator sandals may not be appropriate either, however this trend has evolved to include gladiator heels that are better suited for your work wardrobe. Towering heels with an ankle strap are great, though keep in mind the line created by the strap tends to visually shorten the leg. If you're feeling exotic, note the reptile printed leather that has been cropping everywhere these days.

You want to make a statement with your accessories this year. The hottest jewelry trend is bangles. Mix and match small and simple bangles with chunky decorated bangles. Cuff bracelets are also a hot trend this season. Oversize necklaces featuring ethnic inspirations, bright stones, and geometric shapes are in style. Keep in mind that you're going for business casual here, so you might want to pair these bold pieces with more neutral clothing. Save your experimenting with clashing combinations for the weekend.

Keep in mind your office dress code while getting dressed in the morning, but don't be afraid to make a statement. Given this season's many bold trends, it won't be hard to find something you like that will also show off your keen fashion sense. Neutral colors like black, brown, and white may be typical for business casual, but adding a bit of color never hurt. Just remember: keep it clean, don't show too much skin, and wear everything with confidence!