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Bet you haven't spent much time thinking about your shoes. They have changed, in appearance, function and significance.

The Complete Guide to Picking the Perfect Boxing Shoes

Most people don't understand the importance of boxing shoes. But they can literally mean the difference between winning and losing the match! But don't worry, because this guide will teach you how to find the perfect pair!

Cheap Shoe Review Dr Scholls Relay Mens Athletic Shoe

When the going gets tough, the tough save money by buying their shoes at Walmart. How do $28 "Relay" Athletic Shoes from Dr. Scholl's perform?

How to Start a Shoe Line

Wanting to get your name out there for a shoe is easy if you're the Simmons sisters, but what if you aren't? Here's some pointers.

Generic Crocs Frugal Fashion

The story of how one family was won over by a hideous looking shoe.

Tips for Decorating Shoes

Do you need an artistic way to express yourself? Here are some tips on how to decorate a pair of shoes that will get people talking.

How to Go Green How to Recycle Shoes

Your old shoes can be recycled in a variety of ways either to needy people in your community or to some of the poorest people around the world and even as raw materials to be used in making recycled rubber flooring and cushioning.

We All Know Our Shoe Size Or Do We

Detailed information explaining width scales, Brannock Devices, and other necessary tips on how to determine the perfect shoe size.

Guide to Buying the Best Baby Shoes For Your Little One

A good pair of baby shoes must be functional above everything else. After all, they won't just be our keepsake, they will be a crucial tool in our baby learning how to walk.