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Shoes Categories

Motion-control shoes are designed to control foot motion and prevent overpronation. Therefore, they have a rigid construction. Many have a firm midsole and are built on a straight last, both of which provide support and help reduce pronation.

KIWI Protectall Shoe Spray

The product claims to provide water and stain protection for leather and fabric shoes, but does it work?

How to Deal with Smelly Shoes

A smelly foot is simply a big no. This article gives out tips to avoid bad odor in shoes as well as ways to take away the terrible smell.

Vintage Shoes

Discussion the topic of historical shoes. Some interesting facts about footwear.

How to Stretch a Shoe

New shoes can often hurt. Don't despair, you have options.

Grishko Pointe Shoes for Narrow Feet

Dancers with narrow feet struggle to find pointe shoes that fit. These models of Grishko pointe shoes are handmade with the narrow width dancer in mind.

How to Keep Your Athletic Shoes Looking Cleaner and Lasting Longer

Take a few preventive and pro-active measures to prevent your athletic shoes from getting dirty and learn how to properly clean them when they do.

Tips for Selecting the Right Wedding Shoes for Your Wedding Party

Tips for picking the right wedding shoes for your wedding party.

How to Walk in Heels or Other Shoes Without Any Pain

If your shoes cause blisters, chafing, or just soreness here are a few tips for you to walk in them without any pain.