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Finding the Perfect Shoes for that Outfit

How to find the right shoe for that fabulous new outfit. Fashion tips and ideas.

A Review of Mizuno Wave Alchemy 7 Running Shoes

In general I found the shoes extraordinary, holding up much better than many of my friend's running shoes and lasting much longer

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A review of Shape Up Shoes designed to build and strengthen legs, core and glute muscles.

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How to Care for Your Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are especially costly so you'll want to take some extra care with them to ensure they last a long time and look good as well.

What to do With Old Running Shoes

Many different uses for your old running shoes.

10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Athletic Shoes

You're a very active person who loves to play sports, exercise, jog or walk. Now your feet not only ache, but they may have blisters as well. Do you know why?

Shoes and Boots for Your Dog

Dog boots and shoes are cute, but they are very practical too. In this article I'll explain how boots and shoes can benefit your canine companion

How to Choose Shoes that Flatter Your Figure

Did you know that different types of shoes can have an affect on your figure? From high-heeled booties to simple ballet flats, the shoe doesn't always fit all body types; here's what you need to know.