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How to Get Rid of Shoe and Foot Odor

Learn how to treat your foot and shoe odor. If you deal with this problem, you know how embarrassing it can be. I will share some tips that will make living with this problem much easier!

Reviewing the Specialized Comp MTB Shoe

I tried to cheap out on mountain bike shoes and got burned. Good bike shoes pay for themselves in longevity, and I don't see my Specialized Comps sticking around much longer. Here's how they fall short.

How to Find the Right Running Shoes

Running is a calming energetic sport. To get the most out of running you've got to protect your best asset your feet. Are you running in the wrong shoes?

Purple Prom Shoes Under 50

Dance the night away in style with these cute, inexpensive prom shoes.

Barefoot Running Is it the New Trend

People spend lots of money buying high quality running shoes. Research now shows that those expensive shoes may not be needed. It seems that barefoot running may be a better option and can help reduce injuries.

Top Ten Summer Outdoor Work Shoes for Women

This article provides information on this author's top ten selections of women's outdoor work shoes for the summer season.

How to Recycle Old Shoes

A green guide to recycling old shoes.

How to Choose Running Shoes that Fit Correctly

Weather you are an avid runner or if you simply enjoy running from time to time, it is important to choose running shoes that fit correctly.

Haiti Shoe Relief

Watching the images of devastation, hearing tales of lost lives and ruin caused by Haiti's recent earthquake, you probably didnt think about shoes. But it makes sense...